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JT4Christ – Christian T Shirts, Apparel Store, Christian Gift Store

March 10th, 2021

My name is Tiberiu and I am the founder and owner of JT4Christ LLC.
A bit of the background…

JT4Christ is a small family owned company, we love God and believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, a treasure and a source for the truth to all humankind.

I’ve been working independently as a graphic designer for many years, creating stuff like branding packages, print materials, custom websites and all web and print design.

I love what I do and I still work for others in the design field.

But… last year around this time of the year, the thought of doing something more for God came to my mind, not because He needs anything from me, but as a personal desire to glorify Him through what I know. Designing for apparel and accessories got my attention because of the popularity these products enjoy. They are perfect for any occasion, awesome gift ideas, for daily use and every niche you could think of, they all have a tee or a mug that represents them.

Our purpose…

The purpose of what we do is, and by the grace of God, always will be, sharing the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ to all people, fulfill the Lord’s commandment and help others fulfill it. We are fuelled by the passion for the truth and the love for the lost.

Also, we want to serve other Christians by creating encouraging and bold statement designs based on Bible verses and spiritual quotes, in a clean and professional way, always maintaining the Bible message in the center of our work. We are called to not be ashamed of the excellence of the gospel, and we want that fact to be reflected in the quality and details of our designs.

Our vision…

I personally still have my main job and dedicate as much time as I can to this business, but I hope to be able to sustain my family by doing what I like in the near future. I also see this entrepreneurship in the future as a great opportunity to sustain other Christ-centered ministries and specific ministry needs, good causes that focus on gospel preaching and Bible teaching.

A word to you…

We are always happy to hear from you and opened to any suggestions that can help us grow in what we do. We want to do this as a ministry first, as a means to sustain ourselves and as a way of helping others.

You can support us by sharing with others about us, maybe share one of our designs on your social media, purchasing if you feel to, and especially by praying for us, so we can maintain our focus on Christ and His message always.